All or nothing

29 November 2015
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All or nothing



It was almost 2 years ago that the first glimpse of idea popped into my head that I would like to make a jiu jitsu/grappling apparel brand.

One night during a brief after-training chat with my cousin Jani (who also got into jitsu) we instantly agreed to join forces and bring something special to life. I already had a couple of designs in my head that were ready to be deployed, but there was something still missing.

A name.



We spent hours looking for a word that could represent all we want to communicate. Pura Terra? On The Ground? None of those felt right. And when we were just about to throw in the towel, Jani spat that four letter word out: ISSO. We heard it a lot of times from teachers in training, or while watching instructional bjj videos. But it's not the word itself that is special. The feeling that surrounds it. That amazing feeling which makes us fulfilled for a moment, yet leaving us hungry for more. When we reach a point, and we suddenly feel on top of the world. We knew exactly that this is the name what we've been looking for.

Getting an idea from start  to finish, from an initial sketch to an actual finished product is not an easy task. We have decided early on that we want to create only outstanding garments by all means necessary. Most companies do not bother with the hassle and they just grab a cheap mass produced t-shirt and toss a logo on it. From the custom cut of our shirts to the materials and graphics we are always willing to bring something new and exciting to the table. 

Creativity, humour and aesthetics that makes a HUGE difference between a mediocre and an exceptional brand.

We strive to be the latter.



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