About Us

Who we are?

Two brothers from different mothers (actually cousins): Jani Vajda is a blue belt and Robin Kosnas is a purple belt under
Professor Max Carvalho from Zé Radiola Team Hungary. One is a lawyer and the other earns a living as a graphic designer.
What do they have in common besides the blood bond is their addiction to jiu jitsu and grapple arts.

What is ISSO?

You feel the flow. You are in the zone. You have the control. You make the sweep, get that submission, or throw a perfect ippon.

It’s the ‘ISSO’ moment...which means ‘That’s it’ in Portuguese.

Through our journey we all felt such moments that we’ve been pursuing ever since the day we got introduced to our beloved sport. The product we are manufacturing is made with the same passion & effort that we all represent on the mats.

ISSO is our dream manifesting into reality: Creating a clothing brand that has more value than just plain bold Logos or slogans.