Emma Morena


Our second team member is a modern day amazon from Croatia aka Emma Morena. She runs her own BJJ school in Rijeka. A fierce warrior on the mats, she is always ready for battle and doesn't get intimidated by bigger opponents. Her devotion and commitment to jiu jitsu is truly an inspiration to all the female athletes around the world.



Emma Morena

Birthdate: 17.10.1990

Nationality: Croatian

Weightclass: Featherweight

Current rank: Purple belt under Eduardo Santos (Lotus Club Jiu Jitsu)

Most recent tournament results:

Austrian Open- 1st place absolute, 3rd place weight

Bosnian Open - 1st place weight, 2nd place absolute

Mediterranean Open - 1st place

Tribe Submission Championship - 1st place

ADCC Eastern European Championship - 1st place absolute, 2nd place weight

Eastern European Championship - 2nd place


  • When did you start BJJ?

I started BJJ almost six years ago. I needed a new hobby. I was always involved in some kind of a martial art and some of those martial arts included striking so I wanted to try something that is based on grappling. BJJ was something I was familiar with because I often used to watch Minotauro’s MMA fights where he would pull off a submission when he seemed to be half dead :)

  • You run a BJJ school by yourself. Tell us a little bit how you got where you are now.

Only by hard work and pushing through the bad times.


  • What are your future goals with jitsu?

I would definitely like to compete more. I wanna help BJJ scene grow bigger in Croatia, especially in the city I live in which is Rijeka. I wanna help people transform their lives and become better people because I truly believe Jiu Jitsu can do that. I wanna continue to break all the stereotypes about women in martial arts, and women in general in every other aspect where people make differences between men and women.

  • Do you prefer gi or no-gi?

Depends of the day :)

  • Favorite submission?

All kinds of chokes and footlocks are my favorite! But if I really have to choose one, it would definitely be “Ezekiel”.

  • Do you have other hobbies/sports beside bjj? We’ve heard you like to make art.

I really like to lift weights. This is my other great love besides BJJ. I also like to cook a lot, so I guess you can call that a hobby as well :)
Yeah, making art is something that I’ve been doing since I was very little but not a lot of people are familiar with that side of me haha. During my school years, I was also involved in competitions and I won few things here and there. Recently, I was also working on big projects like animation drawing for music videos. That was a lot of fun. And now I try to draw or paint something on my rest days when I have some free time.

  • How is life in Croatia? Would you move to another country? If yes, which would it be?

Croatia is so beautiful! Right now, I wouldn’t move anywhere. I have all I need here. But I definitely love travelling and I would love to travel through South America, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii...etc

  • Your last name Morena. Do you have any Spanish/Portuguese heritage or it's just a name you took?

Morena is my nickname. I got it like ten years ago on Capoeira. I never knew this nickname would become such a big part of my identity haha. Sometimes, even my family calls me like that.

  • What is the 1 thing you are most proud of? 

Following my dreams.

  • Any shout outs to anyone?

Shotouts to my team BJJ Rijeka/Lotus for being the best students, friends, family! For showing respect towards everyone and everything and for trusting me. I love them!