Szilárd Süle



Over the last couple years, Szilard has matured from a spaz teenager into a full grown BJJ black belt powerhouse. 
We are happy to have the 1st Hungarian athlete in our team and we're looking forward to see him dominate on the competition mats in the near future.




Birthdate: 1992.06.28.

Nationality: Hungarian

Weightclass: Middleweight

Current rank: Black belt under Max Carvalho (ZR Team Hungary)

Most recent tournament results:

2014 – Hungarian Open 1st Place

2015 – Hungarian Open 1st Place

2015 – Austrian Open 1st Place

2017 – Hungarian Open 1st Place

2018 – IBJJF London Fall 2nd Place


  • When did you start BJJ? What/who was your influence?

My main influences were the Diaz brothers. Currently I study the Miyao brothers, Gianni Grippo, Mikey Musumeci and Espen Mathiesen the most.

  •  You used to party a lot. Now your main focus in jiu jitsu. What made you quit the crazy lifestyle?
I always trained every day, but I was demotivated, because I thought the only way to make it in this sport is by training in a world class gym with world class athletes and doing steroids. So I was enjoying life besides BJJ, because I didn’t see any hope of succeeding in bigger stages with these conditions. In the light of the success of the two Norwegians, Espen Mathiesen and Tommy Langaker, who made it from a small town, I got a reference that you can make it without training in the best gyms and without steroids, if you put in all the extra effort by yourself. So I try to make up these disadvantages by studying techniques for extra hours with a friend of mine, Rosh. That made me quit the lifestyle.

  • What are your future goals with jitsu?
I shoot for the very top

  • Do you prefer gi or no-gi?

  • Favorite submission?


  • Do you have other hobbies/sports beside bjj?

  • How do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Any shout outs to anyone?
My master, Max Carvalho, and my main training partner Rovshen Charyyev, who’s helping me analyze and practice all the fights and techniques every single day.

     Photograph: Neil Jones