Isso 'KOMA' Vol. 2.0 Kimono-sweatshirt



The name says it all. Even after 138 years after his birth, history is written...again and AGAIN! We drop you our best seller, the KOMA 2.0 with slight modifications like a super soft and warm removable hoodie and a new colorway.

The KOMA is a true pioneer amongst jiu jitsu lifestyle fashion just like its eponym: the legendary Mitsuyo Maeda aka ‘Conde KOMA’, an advocate of judo/jiu jitsu, who taught the ‘arte suave’ to the Gracies. 

Made in the E.U. / 100% Sweatshop Free Product

Model is 180cm (5'11") and 78kg (172lbs) and wears size "M"

Product details
Custom slim-fit cardigan
Color: Grey / Blue / Orange threads
300gsm 100% fuzzy cotton, neoprene cuffs and neoprene threaded collar 
Big hidden triangle pocket at belly
Removable hoodie (with buttons)
Embroidered patch on shoulder, small embroidered logo on waist